Are you insured?

What does a full-time disc jockey service mean?
This is what we do for a living. When others are at their "real jobs," we are also available to meet with you during normal business hours as well as by appointment.

Do you provide a contract?

Who is the owner?
Jon Wright

How much time do you need to set-up?
We usually need 1-2 hours, depending on the hall and what package you purchased.

Can we make requests before the event?
Yes. We offer an on-line music request database as well as in-person meetings.

Can we have a do not play list?
Yes, and we encourage it.

Will our disc jockey talk too much?
No. Your disc jockey is a trained professional who will understand your wants and desires.

Will our disc jockey play cheesy music?
That is up to you. Some clients love cheese; others hate it. Music choices are discussed, in depth, during the planning stage.

Do we get a reception planner from you?
Yes. We offer an on-line planning system, and we also have standard planning forms for all of our events. We can actually go over the planner in person to insure a mutual understanding of your event.

Do your disc jockeys do anything to improve themselves?
Yes. Our disc jockeys and masters of veremonies have training periods where we work on every aspect of what they do. Our owners attend seminars, trade shows, workshops, music/dances classes and stay up to date on current trends. We work hard to make your event a success.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. Once you receive your price quote, it will not change unless you add services to your contract.

I hate the garter toss. Do I have to do it?
No. When we plan your reception together, we will discuss every aspect, and it will be personalized to your individual tastes.

Why are some of your DJs more expensive than others?
Similar to a talent agency, each individual DJ has their own unique talents and skills as well as experience and their demand. We will find the DJ that fits your needs and budget.
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